Poetry September 2018

Hurry back

You said hurry back.
I drove away fast
past neon, through signals
over some dead thing.
A bone stuck in my tire
and chattered.
I squinted between falling stars
till they all disappeared.
Then the darkness was so crazy
I almost hurried back to you.
Almost back.

three tanka

so hot out
your potential
kiss melted
off your lips
down your blouse

soon enough
the time of year
when the apple trees
will finally
slap pluckers

crows too hot to argue
share back door waste
with each other
one eye watching
the filthy gulls


Neighbor’s cat up a tree
dangling limbs like a leopard,
staring down saying
I got this, fuck off.
But you know
she doesn’t mean it.


you can’t rage
back at stupid
but you don’t
have to smell
its wind

fire sucking
a million words
flaming bones
now stinking
up the austere air

Low tide.
Shards don’t fool
the gulls.
They’re used to
Time of day

No watch
No phone
No stars

Walk slowly