July 2018 Comments/Thoughts/Ideas





July 3, 2018

I have by my side a nice, cold glass of lemonade, so I can write this without having sweat trickle down my heat wave-pummeled neck.

Social media has allowed us to see how dumb politicians really are, and how so many, many, many of them really should get the hell out. The world of social media exposes them for the out-of-touch people they are. I don’t think it’s necessarily an age thing, although a few who have been in Congress since Noah reopened the ark should ride off; I think it’s the stodginess and complacency of being caught in the quicksand of a political party. They could swim out, but no, they flail and struggle, getting sucked in deeper.

Every day we see what public service means to many: re-election. They start planning it the night of their victory parties. This is how it goes: victory! swearing in. get assigned an office. hire people. stick a flag pin in your lapel. sit down. stand up. speak. sit down. listen. campaign. vote. almost vote. don’t vote. campaign. play nice. get angry. get more angry. get really, really angry. campaign. take a break. sit down. listen. campaign. campaign. campaign. election. ?

There you go. And in the middle of all this, many of them take to social media and, without vetting where images and historical tidbits come from, push a button and publish them. Then blame an underling who knows a hell of a lot more about social media than they do and wouldn’t have made such a dopey post.

So far we’ve seen the pols really don’t: know much history, understand much history, believe in history, and, the biggest, know history is made by people, all kinds of people, people who could be fools, egotists, opportunists, or just plain evil, and many of them thought they were doing the “right thing,” although it destroyed others.

I’ve been all over the map here, thank you for your patience, but the final thought is this: as worried as you and I are about the finger on the red button, we need to be aware of those many fingers ready press the publish button, too, and whether they are savvy enough to understand what they are doing, and if they’re not, what else are they clueless about?



July 2, 2018

Do spoiled people preach hate, or are they just hateful people who have got what they want? Most of us start life with a getting-by type of life, if we’re lucky. Sometimes, reading posts and listening to people, they’re angry because they think “someone,” the seldom defined but always there “someone” is going to send them crashing into poverty and misery, and take away their prized possessions. People like that have a lot of stuff; I accept my hypocrisy here, I do have a lot of books. I’m puzzled, continually, why people think “someone” seeking a better life, maybe a few of the things they’ve bought, want what they have. The old statement: we all came from somewhere. Somewhere else. So in our family tree, our people, our family members were somebody’s “someone.” How did that feel, do you think?






July 1

Unplugging for today after this post. What is there to say in the midst of a heat wave; it has settled down on us like a wool blanket tossed from a packed cloud. I have watered the flowers, and the petals almost look scared, as if they have seen the inevitable excessive heat warnings. I will read, and write in the many notebooks I have for the times I choose to wrestle with my ever-worsening handwriting, and I will try to let the heat be my head’s guide today: slow down to an almost meditative state, and reach as deep as energy permits. If only a heat wave could slow everything down all over the human world, and let us be so immobile we have to really think, in a passive, easy way, about what we are doing, what is being done in our name, and how to be kind when we are revved up with the energy brought by cooler days.

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